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WBC engages, empowers, refreshes and motivates our members to be the best version of themselves in service of their goals, families and our community. 

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Dues are pro-rated based upon the date you are inducted into Women's Business Council.  New members and membership renewals received by December 31 will receive a $15 discount off the full-year dues of $90. Current members must renew by the December 31 deadline or reapply as a new member.     

  • $ 75   prior to January 1
  • $ 90   January 1 - March 31
  • $ 70   April 1 - June 30
  • $ 50   July 1 - September 30
  • $ 30   October 1 - December 31

Paying by check? Mail your payment to:

P.O. Box 3323 Champaign, IL 61826  

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Board of Directors

Represents Women’s Business Council membership. Comprised of an executive board and the chairs of WBC's eight committees.

President - Cindy Tarrant

Vice President - Kelly Dennemann

Secretary - Melanie Graven

Treasurer - Franca Mozzone


Monitors and recommends revisions to Bylaws and policies. Ensures the organization is operating within the established guidelines and policies. 

Chair - Nancy Suchomski

Community Support

Identifies ways to support and connect with WBC's selected community partner and organizes WBC fund raisers to supplement the Ruth B. Jones Scholarship Fund.

Co-Chair - Amy Braghini

Co-Chair - Deb Kiel


Promotes membership growth through mailings, personal contact and events. 

Chair - Ginger McKee


Plans quarterly networking events and activities for the monthly luncheons to strengthen member bonds.  

Chair - Colleen Magnifico


Schedules programs for monthly luncheons and coordinates meeting location, menu and check-in.

Chair - Kelly Hill

Public Relations

Promotes the organization and luncheons and manages social media channels. 

 Chair - Jane Sprandel


Oversees the Ruth B. Jones Scholarship for members and the Jump Start Scholarship for high school seniors.

 Chair - Carol Floyd


Maintains the WBC site and member databases, and manages email communications. 

 Chair - Erin Myers

Past Presidents

Honorary Members